Coping After Hair Loss

The shock of seeing yourself bald and for others to see you like this can become devastating and very challenging to deal with. But there are ways that you can try, that will give you back your confidence.

Trying on different wigs and headwear is a great way to make you feel good. Why not try a different hair colour or style? Or try out the hundreds of ways you can tie headwear. Even though there are so many different wigs and headwear, you may still feel like that is the main thing people will see and comment on.

Follow these tips to help give back your confidence. 

Try wearing jewellery This may help people to notice and comment on your jewellery, rather than your headwear/wig.
Try wearing glasses This can help with the loss of eyebrows and eyelashes.
Wearing make-up  This can help direct attention to your face.
Try wearing bright colours Tops, Ties, or Scarves.
Wear your favourite clothes  This can help make you feel good and being comfortable in your clothes will make you less stressed.