Food Tips for Nausea

Knowing how to manage nausea is important to staying healthy during your treatment. But don't give yourself a hard time if you really cannot eat anything for a few days after chemotherapy, as you can make up for lost calories between treatments. But during this time when you are really ill, make sure your stomach isn't completely empty, as this can make you feel even more sick. Eating every 2-3 hours can really help reduce nausea. This may seem impossible for some but if you try small snacks instead of large meals, it can be less daunting. During this difficult time, stick to plain simple foods. For example; crackers, toast, fruit or yoghurt are easy to eat and are plain or have no strong smells that could trigger nausea.

One top tip that I experienced was to avoid your favourite foods when feeling sick. This is because your mind might trigger a negative experience with that particular food. During my first chemo session I was feeling ok, and I thought I would feel much worse. It felt like I had woken up from surgery. I have had surgery a few times, so I knew I could deal with this feeling. After I had finished chemo I went to Planet Organic, to celebrate making it through my first session.

I picked out some amazing vegetarian foods and was so excited to try it. Me and my partner then drove to Regents Park to eat. When we arrived all of sudden I felt so ill and sick and the food looked so gross! Since then I have not been able to go anywhere near Planet Organic or the food I had that day. Being a vegetarian is now hard, as most vegetarian foods involve the food I had that awful day. 

Follow these tips below:

Talk to your Doctor about Nausea Medications

Speak to your doctor if you are really struggling, they may be able to give you medicines to help.

It is best to take your sickness medications about an hour before eating. This will help you maximise how much you can eat and allow you to enjoy your meal more.

Avoid Warm Foods

Cold foods like yogurt and ice cream are often well tolerated. 

Less risk of cooking smells to trigger nausea. 

Eat What You Want!

Don’t try to force yourself to eat a meal that causes your stomach to turn at the thought of it. It might be something healthy but it is more important you can eat than risking throwing up. 

Drink Liquids in-between Meals/Snacks.

Make sure you don't drink too much, this will make you feel fuller and will be harder to eat.  

Avoid Mixing Hot & Cold Foods 

This can increase nausea. 

Have Several Small Meals/Snacks 

Having large meals can be daunting.